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About Us
Courtney Sutterfield, MS, RD/LD has been a practicing dietitian for 12 years.  For the past seven years, she has been the outpatient dietitian for a private practice bariatric clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Food has always been one of her main passions and she started cooking and experimenting in the kitchen at age 10.  She has always believed that healthy foods do not need to be tasteless foods and loves the challenge of creating new recipes that foil the myth of healthy food being "boring".  She also believes that food should be fun, and that healthy eating habits start at home.  She loves having her 7 year old "sous chef" daughter assist when she prepares meals.
After struggling to lose "baby weight" after two wonderful children, she realized that something in her own eating habits had to change.  Even as a dietitian, things she had always been taught didn't seem to work.  By increasing her protein intake, eliminating processed foods, eating 4 meals per day instead of just 3, and incorporating weight training, stretching and cardio, she lost 20 pounds over 3 months.  It's important to understand that weight loss of any kind requires work, healthy eating and exercise!!
Her main goal for patients and clients is to teach them to have fun with food again, and that having weight loss surgery or working on losing weight doesn't mean a lifetime of boring food.  By creating quick and easy recipes that everyone will love, she hopes to bring the joy of food back to you! is based on the belief that our clients' needs are of the utmost importance. We are committed to meeting those needs!  Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments on how we can serve you better.
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