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Why is my skin so dry?  I think my heels are ripping the sheets!
Dry skin is a result of decreased fat intake and decreased fluid intake. Skin seems to lose it's elasticity and starts to flake and itch.  I have seen it time and again. 
What to do???
First step, increase your water intake!  I know most of our mothers have told us this, but it's true.  Instead of reaching for that cup of coffee in the morning, grab a bottle of water.  It will perk you up and just like a wilted flower, your skin will perk up too!  You will also want to be sure and check the lotion you are currently using.  If it has mineral oil in it, your skin is unable to absorb it.  Be sure to use one that contains essentail oils.
But what if that doesn't help?  I remember my second year as a bariatric dietitian, I had noticed a similarity in all of my patients' skin.  Then Annette came in for her yearly follow up.  I immediately noticed that she had a glow about her.  Her skin looked dewy and I assumed that she was taking a new vitamin.  I had to ask what it was so I could tell my other patients.  I was surprised to learn that she was using  products by a company called Arbonne.  I have since recommended it to many patients and they love it!  Dry skin is gone, elasticity and dark circles have improved, and on and on!  Arbonne's products are like food for your skin, you will not believe the difference.
I have provided a link below, be sure to sign the guestbook and you will receive a free gift! 
Here is what one client said about the difference in her skin:
"The change in my skin was immediate.  It went from dry and flaky to soft and silky after just one application of the FC5 Body Moisture.  Everyone should know about these products!"  Rhonda H., LapBand patient
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