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Bariatric Bites Newsletter:
Short on time?  Enjoy our monthly newsletter spotlighting the "Food of the Month", quick tips, recipe of the month, and client success stories.
$12 per year
New!!!  Bariatric Bites Cookbook:
Our new cookbook and eating plan!  Our cookbook is broken down into four sections:
Meat, Vegetables, Grains and Fruit.  Plug the recipes of your choice into our eating plan and enjoy your results!  (Most recipes are 200-250 calories and contain at least 20 grams of protein) 
Cookbook also includes 4 weeks of menus and corresponding shopping lists!
Preferred Client:
For those that need some TLC:  Enjoy our monthly newsletter, Customized Eating Plan, Recipes, Shopping List and 30 minute Monthly Coaching Call ($900 value!)  Best deal, it's only $10 a month!
$120 per year
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